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Marianne Dugan (
Tue, 28 Sep 1993 20:19:38 -0700 (PDT)

> Due to problems with the old Rainbow site, a new site has been
> selected. Please pay attention to the new directions, even
> though flyers and info have been widely circulated for the
> Old Site . . . .
> The site picked by the Focalizer for this region was deemed
> inappropriate by other Rainbow brothers, and these brothers
> have picked the new site. Lloyd, the focalizer put a lot of
> time into finding the original site and was disappointed
> at this turn of events.

Do I detect a trend here in the "management" of Gatherings?
Seems the National Gathering was an omen of things to come this

What were the "problems" with the old site, and why was the old
site "deemed inappropriate"? To tell you the truth, this posting
reads like a news release about a nuclear plant accident ("no
danger to the public.") What gives? Not to be a grump and a
complainer (I had no plans to attend this particular gathering),
but I am sincerely concerned about this trend towards "other
brothers" making decisions about moving sites, especially after
notices have gone out. To tell you the truth, this all reminds
me of my research in the late 1970s into the "Cointelpro"
activities of the FBI, infiltrating various "subversive" groups
and screwing them up by just such dissent and confusion tactics.

Please explain, anyone who is closer to this situation.


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