North American Calendar of Events for 2002

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Any phone numbers or email addresses listed here are for information and directions only. Being listed as a contact here is decided by me the web maintainer, and these people should never be considered as leaders or representatives of the Rainbow Family.

Please don't email me asking about regionals or directions that aren't on this list, cause *everything* I have goes on here, as soon as I get the info. I get way too much email as it is, and likely won't respond.

NOTE: There are typically way more rumors about possible Rainbow Gathering than are really happening. Just because a regional happened last year, doesn't mean it will happen again this year. This summer, these rumors seem to be centered on Colorado, Vermont, and Maine. None of these are real, sorry.

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January 1-15
Mississippi regional. Coming from Hattiesburg, Mississippi take Hwy 49 South to Brooklyn, MS. Take the second left after the Big K Chevron. Follow that road all the way past the four way stop and the railroad tracks. When the road forks stay to the right. Follow that road all the way to forest road 319 which is on the left and should be marked with ribbon. If you hit a set of metal grates on the road you have just passed it. Follow 319 to 319 G which is also on the left and should also be marked with ribbon and a beer can or two. Follow 319 G down about a mile and you should see the A-Camp fires on the right. Ask them where to park. WELCOME HOME! If you get lost go back to the Big K Chevron and they can give you directions.
Jan 6th
NY Rainbow's First of the New Year Potluck/Council/Drumcircle. 2 p.m. on..... at 56 Walker St. (btwn. Broadway & Church, 2 blocks below Canal St) Please, No Smoking on premises. Bring food and non alcoholic drink to share. Drums & acoustic instruments. Your good ideas and lovin' feelings. For more info, call the NYC Lightline at (212) 560-7111, or try the NYC Family Web site.


Feb 15
NYC Rainbow has obtained WalkerStage at 56 Walker Street NYC for our Dead of Winter Party. the date is Friday February 15 from 7 pm. We are planning to merge the DOW Party with a Benefit/Tribute for Joanee Freedom on the eve of her incarceration for Forest Service Permit Violations
Feb 14-28
The Ocala gathering of individuals, sometimes called the Ocala regional. There seems to be multiple sites this year, one at Shanty Pond, with a signed permit making it supposedly a "legal" gathering, and the others for those that don't approve of permits. The main alternate site is by Lake Mary. As Rainbows basically "vote with their feet", you'll have to decide for yourself which one to go to. Info on the permitted site is at the Florida Folks web site.
Info on the Lake Mary site is at the Unity Regional page.
Feb 22-28
Regional in Southern Arizona outside of Bisbee at Bear Creek in the Coronado National Forest. Call (520)432-2361 for more info.


March 7-28
Costa Rican Gathering. Directions: From San Jose travel west on the pan American for 2 hours. You will arrive at Cuatro Cruces at the Shell gas station. Turn right. Travel through Miramar to Cedral. (The public bus from Miramar to Cedral leaves daily at 1:30pm.) n Cedral take dirt road behind church and follow signs for 1 hour walking. Welcome Home! For more information email us at
March 15-17
Southern Utah Potluck/DrumcircleSouth Gunlock site. Council will be held to decide on site for Spring Regional, please attend. For directions go to SURF web site.
March 21-25th
Ozarks Rainbow Regional Counsel. Central Missouri Backwoods Campout. For more info, go to the Ozark Rainbow Family web site.
March 23
CA council on the land starting at rainbow noon for those interested in participating in this regional gathering and Earth Day Project. The Earth Day Project is a volunteer effort to help clean up trash along the Kern River.
March 28 - 32
Regional Camp Out / Full Moon Drum Circle / Extended Potato Bake. From Livingston Montana, go E 191/ I-90 aprx 35 mi, turn L Springdale ex 354, turn R frontage rd go aprx 8 m, turn L GREY BEAR FISHING ACCESS, SEE YA NEAR DA RIVER. Please bring lots o love, b prepared 4 sunny / snowy weather,also fire wood (wood+ fire = GOOD) , camp gear , GOO BALLS (HINT) water, food of all sorts, organic doughnuts, puppies/kitties, drumz, instruments etc, lots o love, ideas 4 montana spring - Regional Gathering (date - place - counsel ?) Let's start Here! For more info, try emailing, or go to
March 31
WI family rainbow picnic/council on the last sunday in March at Olin Park in usual,look for folks under the grove of oak trees near the parking lot. bring a dish to pass, instruments, heartsongs, laughter, etc etc ...pass the word...pass the good vibes....peace.


April 5-8
Possible southern Montana Rainbow Campout. For more info, try emailing
April 12th - 16
Peace Conspiracy Open Counsel / New Moon Gathering. North Central Arkansas near Pineville. This open call to counsel is an invite to all people who are interested in the Incorporation of The Peace Conspiracy. We will be discussing the articles of incorporation, bylaws, counsel process and the ideologies of the conspiracy with a goal to define and structure the governance of the council. For more info, go to the Peace Conspiracy web site.
This is not a "Rainbow Gathering", but an event for folks into intentional community building. I mention it because it's something folks might be interested in.
April 15
Anyone interested in the scouting of the N. W. Great Lakes Region for the Rainbow Family of Living Light World Peace and Healing gathering is more than welcome to help study maps at the Stephens Point U.S.G.S. map library starting April 15th at noon in Stephens Point. This was announced at Thanksgiving Council and was meant to be passed on to all interested parties.
April 20
Alabama Rainbow Family council at Cherokee Rocks Village. At this time the scouting research will be discussed, tentative sites selected for in-depth scouting, and tentative dates for the Fall Gathering.
April 17 - 21
5th Annual Wildflower CA Regional and Earth Day Project. From Bakersfield Hwy 178 East to Lake Isabella /Kernville exit, at stop turn left on 155 go approx 1 mile turn left( after bridge) at north Raft launch site , Keysville. Follow paved road 2.2 miles. Bear right at fork where pavement ends. Follow dirt road 3.4 miles to Black Gulch North. Turn left . approx 1 mile. More info at 661-702-9199. Please come self sufficient. The Earth Day Project is a volunteer effort to help clean up trash along the Kern River.
April 26 - 28
Southern Utah Potluck/Drumcircle. Pinto Springs Campground. There will be designated A-camp and parking lot. Main circle will be a short walk from parking lot, We will decide on a site for Spring Regional gathering at Sundays council. You will be asked to keep all alcohol out of the main circle area. This is a Healing Gathering, not a party. Please be Respectful. Please come with Love and Hugs, open Heart and open Mind. For more info, go to the SURF web, or email


May 10-20
Oklahoma Regional. 17 miles east of Talihina Oklahoma and then north on Forest Service Road 6022, which is marked by a sign to Billy Creek recreational park. Follow FS Road 6022 past the recreational park to welcome home. For more info, go to the Ozark Rainbow Family web site.
May 20-27
Southern Utah regional. For more info, go to the SURF web site. Due to the fire ban, I've recieved notification the site has changed at the last minute. Current directions are: Take exit 6 from Interstate 15 and go north on Bluff Street (Highway 18). Turn left onto Sunset Blvd (Highway 8). Drive approximately 14 miles and turn right where sign says "Gunlock." Drive past cattleguard and take a left at rainbow sign (approximately 4 miles). You will run into a parking lot within 1/4 mile down this road. Welcome Home! :)
May 19
NY Rainbow's 20th Annual Central Park Picnic in NYC. Noon til Dusk. Circle for Peace at 1:30 p.m. followed by a Potluck Picnic. Enter at 103rd St. & Central Park West, walk 50 ft. turn left & go up 14 steps, walk 50 yds. to V in path, bear left & walk 125 yds. into meadow. Bring plenty of food & nonalcoholic drink to share, acoustic instruments, drums, games, family, friends, Share the love and join in on the fun!! For more info, go to
May 23 - June 3rd
Ozark Spring Regional. For more info, go to the Ozark Rainbow Family web site.
May 23 - June 2rd
California Spring Regional Gathering in Northern California. Ignore all rumors of cancellation, and ignore all rumors of organization. Directions will be posted after May 23rd.


June 14 - 15th
Spring Council. Go north from Madison, Wisconsin on highway 94 to exit 61
Turn Left, West on highway 80 and go to New Lisbon
Turn Right, North at traffic light on highway 12 go 2 miles
Turn Right on County Road M and go 2.7 miles
Turn Right into KENNEDY CAMPGROUND. Turn Left at Y
This is a county campground and there is no fee.
June 14 - 16th
Utah potluck/drumcircle at Kolob Mtn. Reservoir. We will be having council around high noon on the 16th. Ignore all rumors of organization or cancellation! Please attend we'd love to see you there! Directions: Take exit #27 or exit #16 off of I-15 to highway 9 in Laverkin, Utah. Take highway 9 east about six miles to Virgin, Utah. Take Left turn onto Kolob Reservoir Road. look for the Virgin Goods Store. Take this road about 22 miles to Kolob Reservoir. This Road is hairball, expect unexpected turns. It also goes through sections of Zion National Park.


July 1 - 7
North American Annual Gathering Of The Tribes, in the Great Lakes area. More info at this page for this gathering. Ignore All Rumors of Cancellation! (Or organization)

Directions: From Watersmeet, Michigan go about 5 miles north to a sign for "Robbin's Pond Campground". Turn left. Go about 1/2 mile to the 1st left onto FS 5230. Drive down FS 5230 about 4-5 miles to the parking lot. Welcome Home! (this was previously listed as 2530, but the map says 5230).

July 15 - 30
2nd Canadian National Gathering. Lake Of The Woods area in North-Western Ontario. The nearest major town will be Kenora. This is also conveniently in close proximation to the American National Gathering in the Great lakes region. Here's a map to the site..
July ???
Quebec Gathering.


NOTE: There is no Colorado Regional gathering this summer due to the forest fires. Camping is banned in many of the national forests this year, along with a very stiff fire ban in what's left.
Full Moon, Aug 22
Montana Family Counsel at Shields River Campground Montana Big Sky Wilderness. From Livingston Montana,~ I-90 east to hwy 89, north go apprx 20 miles to Wilsal. Turn right on Shields Valley Rd - go approx 16 miles (SVR turns into FS rd 844). At the "Bennett Creek Station" sign turn left go 1 mile to Shields River Campground. WELCOME HOME !! ; )
Please bring all things kind, love, water, food to share, camping gear, a jacket, drumz / instruments, animals, and your happy hearts! If ya want a regional gathering, come to counsel and make it happen, we will need help with seed camp, main kitchen, kiddie kamp and just showing up is where the circle starts. SEE YA IN THE TREES ;
This is a pack-it-in/pack-it-out campsite with no trash services or water provided. - Ignore Rumors of cancellation, organization or leaders. Live free and camp phat - Sign no permits - Enjoy YOUR local or national Forest System, That's why it's there! For more info, go to the
Montana Kidz web site.
August 19 - 25
Vancouver Island BC gathering. The island tribes welcomes all beings to gather in peace and joy in the sacred old growth Walbran Valley. Come share your skills and abilities, practice low impact camping, pack it in pack it out, experience and raise awareness of this magnificent valley. If needed call 250 537 6733 for info. Directions: From Victoria go north on Hwy1 past Duncan turn left on hwy 18 to Cowichan lake town(fuel up here~60K to gathering) proceed through town on South Shore Rd. go past honeymoon bay, turn left on Caycuse Main, left onto Mclure Main, go past Walbran Main, and take Glad Lake Main, welcome home! Hard drugs, Alcohol, cig buts, and dogs are discouraged. *Drive carfully: ACTIVE LOGGING roads, turn on head lights* Namaste.


Sept 15 - 30
Montana Family Crazy Mountain Gathering. Montana Family invites all sentient beings to come gather in the crazy mountains, with no violence, no alcohol. Lot's of love please. All the info you should need us on the Montana Kidz web site.
Sept 20 - 30
Northern Calif family reunion and regional. Well here goes for all of you who have been waiting with baited breath for directions to the Fall regional and family reunion........for those of you who will be traveling from eureka and all points north.....take 101 south from eureka to fernbridge ( you'll see a humbolt creamry near the turn) and take road 211 west to ferndale...then take mattole rd south past malfaunction junction...thru Capetown and devils gate to Petroila cross the mattole river and turn right on Lighthouse road.....follow light house road untill you find Welcomehome....and now for you folks who will be coming up hiway 101 from the south.....well accually we dont have good directions from the south yet.....but you can either take 101 all the way up to fernbridge and follow the directions from there....of you can look ono a map and find y our won way...there does appear to be 2 other back roads which can get you to from Garberville....and one from Weott which goes thru Humbolt redwood state park....I havent driven either of them but I have been tolds that they are windy and decied for yourselve which you preferr......but either way you chose...the directions are the same once you hit Petrolia.....looking forward to seeing you all there and hopefully we'll have better directions from the south ya.......norcal
Sept 20 - 23, 2002 ~ Full Moon Equinox
Ozark Rainbow Family Fall Counsel. Open Counsel and not a gathering. We encourage you and your tribe to come and share your visions, concerns, heartsongs, and to help build a strong more united family across the our plains, valleys and rolling hills. For more info, go to the Counsel web site.


Oct 4-8
Great Lakes Regional Gathering. For more info, Go to the Great Lakes Rainbow site.
Oct 16-23
Shawnee Regional Gathering. There seems to be multiple groups canmping in several different sites within the rough area of where the gathering usually is. More info as sites stabalize.
Oct 18-20th
Utah potluck and regional. For a Map to the potluck site go to the SURF home page
Oct 18-20th
Oklahoma Jamout and Campout. Welcoming all peaceful being to come and share on the land with family the very best in peace and harmony. Bring your loving light, camping gear, musical instruments, kitchens and food to share as we unfold in the beauty of the circle. Dogs should be on a leash but are welcome. Please think about our safety and not bring alcohol, guns, fireworks or bad attitudes. Come Early - Stay Late! You know the deal! Directions; U.S. 75, 8 miles south of Caney, Kansas or 10 miles North of Bartlesville Oklahoma to Oklahoma Hwy. 10 - East 1 mile to road #3990 then North 3/4 mile to 740 Drive to the end 1/2 mile. It's the last place on the road, straight off the end of the road. For more info. call Momma Kat or Tim at; 918-532-2269 Please note that this free, non-commercial family gathering will be celebrated on private property with some jams and lots of fun for folks in the area. come on out and enjoy it with us!
Oct 19 & 20th
Be in- Calif rainbow family council-Bein.
We come together to share heartsong, vision, & love. On sat. Oct 19th and Sunday Oct 20th A folkalizers circle will be held outside Chico, Ca. The location will be posted on the wall of the Chico Co-op( Hwy 32& Main street.) A bus service will be provided to the site at 10am, 2pm, & 4pm Sat. and at 10am Sun.
What to expect: During the day we will pass a facilitated feather. Sat after sundown will be a drum circle, talent show and Elvis playshop. Closing words at 4pm Sun.
Some of the topics: 1 A spring gathering. 2 A rainbow ranch. 3 Shanta seana. 4 Networking. 5 Scouting and site identification. 6 Whole and raw food kitchen. 7 zue-zue oven.
Site: 20 acre commune with guest quarters, swimming, and a suana.
THIS IS NOT A GATHERING. For more info, call CA Rainbow at 916-747-6269, or Bus Village (for early arrivals, let ring 20 times, ready to work) 530-892-9033.
Oct 25 - 27th
Florida Vision Council at Farles Prairie at the northern end where other previous Council's have happen in the Oak Hammock. There parking and it's free to camp there. Please bring a gallon of water and any thing that help with a Gathering like Kitchen. anyone that can help focus a kitchen or bring kitchen gear whould be nice. Take everything you bring on a weekend camping trip. Be ready to take some notes to and maybe bring drums for late at night and Guitar. To get there from Interstate Hwy. I-75 get off in Ocala on State Rd. 40 drive for about 40 miles tru Ocala into the Forest and turn South onto State Rd. 19 for about 2 miles then be ready to make a right or go west on Forest rd. 599 and go about a mile to 2 on it. look on the left for Forest Rd. 599-A and turn onto it parking within. Go to the Florida Family event page for a online map. Please do not goto the private land nickname Rainbow Hammock for council will not this time be on there land Council will be at Farles Prairie.
Oct 25 - Nov 2
Alabama Halloween regional. Get a map of Alabama ,Bankhead NF is in the North West Quarter . DO NOT STOP IN CULLMAN ?NOT HIPPIE/RACE FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take 278 to Double Springs at light go though light onto 195 follow for 8 or 9 miles until you get to old Rabbit town Community. At old Old forestry Building take a Right onto 23 Follow until the road changes to FS 210 follow FS 210 until it ends . This is FS208 follow until it ends and this is the head of the trail.
There is a Front & Back door here. Water is Drinkable.(Fresh Running Water) Shitters need to be dug 200 feet away from water supply & not dug on a hill. NO INDIVIDUAL FIRES. NO CAMPING ON MAIN TRAILS,Please. Remember EVERYTHING you pack in MUST be Packed out. This is a Wilderness Area & there are NO DUMPSTERS


Nov 1-3
Midwest Regional Council. again this year at the Jahlai Country Home outside of Montague, north of Muskegon. Michigan. For more info, Go to the Great Lakes Rainbow site. A special note to those who don't feel like "Rainbow insiders": There are no "outsiders" at a Rainbow happening. All are welcome at a council, and at our council it is promised you will feel warm, welcome, and loved. Plan on lots of fun too! Whether you have great wisdom to impart or just want to come learn what this "Rainbow" thing is all about, or anywhere in between, don't hesitate to attend!
Nov 8 - 10
Ozarks Circle of Light Thanksgiving Circle / Counsel - Aloha Family! Summer has past & Fall is blessing us with it's many colors to enjoy. We're inviting you to come bless us with your colors and share in the harvest of good family, food and energy as we gather in a circle of peace all blessings to enjoy as one. Bring food and all that you will need to be comfortable in the Missouri backwoods. Nights get cold and days are generally warm so be sure and bring you blankets and hiking clothes. More information at: Ozark Rainbow Web site.
Nov. 28th Dec.1st
Annual Thanksgiving Council at Murphy Hot Springs, Nevada. For more info, go to the Howdy Folks
NERF (New England Rainbow Family) Thanksgiving Council. For more info, call the NERF Lightline at (845) 774-4100.


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Please don't email me asking about regionals or directions that aren't on this list, cause *everything* I have and confirm goes on here, as soon as I get the info. I get way too much email as it is.