Howdy Folks 1992
Tue, 09 Jun 1992 20:20:49 -0700 (PDT)

Here are some corrections to the previous directions to the 1992 National
Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes in Colordao. Please refer to the following
Howdy Folks for updated directions and other information.

Howdy Folks,
I missed Colorado in 1972. I was an acid indian then in Berkeley and the high
Sierras, doing my own thing. I got to Wyoming the next year. I loved it, yet
I knew that I'd missed something the year before. I've been trying to find
that something ever since, for the last 20 years. This quest has dominated my
life since then. There began, after Wyoming, a conflict within me made
manifest when my daughter was born the following July 1. I didn't come back
until Washington state. Until Minnesota I have always been with my daughter on
her birthday, then hurried to the gathering. I have barely been there.

I'm beginning to see the scope of the conflict within me. My daughter has
meant to me, me taking care of myself and my wife and kids, just as my dad did.
The Rainbow means me taking care of others and letting myself be taken care of
in return. The Rainbow is a much larger concept of family. All of us, one

If I'd been in Colorado in 1972, none of this would have happened. Oh, my
daughter would have been born, but born into a larger family and not as a
reason to keep myself separate from others. I missed Colorado in 1972 and when
I finally got to Wyoming, I was too late. The I Ching speaks of societies
being formed and those who come in too late, missing out. I was an outsider.

I knew I belonged. I was outside the group head that was formed back in
Colorado, 1972, although I was just like everyone who had been there. This
knowledge and a yearning to have that primal experience of the family as one
has led me to encourage, support and help organize the 1992 Gathering of the
Tribes here in Colorado.

The Medicine Silence on July 4th is the center of our spiritual experience
together. On the morning of July 4th we will silently leave our camps and
circles, our daily lives, and go to a set aside place where we may be in
prayerful and meditative Silence together until we are one and the world is at
We have a good site. The scouts have faithfully persevered and have led us
home. We have beauty and water and all we need. Come in beauty and wonder.
Come in peace and love. Come ready to share in the spirit together with your
sisters and your brothers. Come ready to help focus our collective awareness
on the Medicine Silence of July 4th. Be there. Be beautiful, be high, be
real, be One. I love you all.


Magic Hat. Our fundraisers were very successful. Besides raising money for
the magic hat, the music was good and everyone had fun. You can still send
contributions to the Magic Hat at 1705 14th street, Box 359, Boulder, Colorado
80302. Make checks payable to the Rainbow Family of Living Light or to the
Magic Hat. You can also bring contributions to the gathering, July 1st through
July 7th and donate directly to the Magic Hat at Main Council at Main Circle.

Communications. Send all informations, queries and family mail to the above
mailing address in Boulder. Our Family phone has been changed to 303-838-4577.
We cannot accept collect calls.

CALM. Come prepared for extremes in weather, from very cold nights to very
hot days, snow storms maybe, probably rain. We will be up around 9000 feet so
be prepared for shortness of breath, possibly altitude sickness until you
become acclimated. At 9000 feet the sun is much more intense and you can get
seriously burnt in a short time. Bring umbrellas, hats and sunscreens, long
sleeved shirts. There are ticks in Colorado, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
and Lyme disease can make you very sick. Check yourself and your friends each
day for ticks. Bring water filters and expect to filter or boil your drinking
water. And last, don't drink the pink or 'watermelon' snow (you already know
better than to drink yellow snow, we hope). The pink color of the snow is from
an algae that will make you sick or worse.

What to bring. Bring money for the Magic Hat. Bring bulk foods (beans and
rice, granola and other cereals, high-altitude flour for the bakeries, powered
milk, vegetables, fruit. etc.). Bring warm clothes and warm bedding, a tent if
possible. While the days may be warm, the nights will be down around 30
degrees, maybe even colder. Bring your canoes and rafts, as bus village will
be near a large reservoir. Bring an umbrella, a hat, and sunscreen for the
high altitude sun. Bring a backpacking water filter for pure water. Bring
good walking shoes or boots. Bring water bottles, a cup and/or bowl and a
spoon, a knife maybe. Bring love and a desire to connect with your sisters
and brothers in the Spirit.

Happy trails. If you're flying, fly into Denver. Trains and buses come into
Denver also. Greyhound will probably get you closer, at least to Glenwood
Springs. If you're driving, remember it'll still be early spring in the high
mountains. Watch for sudden snow and hail storms and watch out for black ice
on the roads. Car insurance is required in Colorado. Make sure your car is
legal (insurance, license and registration up to date, all lights working,
etc). If you are hitchhiking, it is legal in Colorado except on the
Interstates. The site is south of Glenwood Springs which is about 250 miles
west of Denver on Interstate 70. At Glenwood Springs take Hwy 82 south to
Carbondale. From Carbondale, head south on HWY 133. Then take Forest Road 265
(past McClure Pass on 133) west 20 miles to FR 701. then FR 705 5 miles west to
Overland Reservoir. Buses should take this route. Buses should not go through
Paonia. You can also take HWY 133 south to Paonia. Then from Paonia take road
40.10 north along Stevens gulch for 10 miles to Forest Road 701. Take FR 701
north another 20 miles to Forest Road 705. Take FR 705 5 miles in a westerly
direction to Overland Resevoir. Park here and hike around the reservoir, then
about 2 miles west and you'll be home. Happy trails.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation.

Wanderer and friends

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