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May 27 - 29 (Memorial Weekend)
Nebraska Spring Gathering, north of Lincoln. Call (402) 476-0576.
May 27
NW Tribes Potluck to gather materials for seed camp. The potluck will be at Cowen Park at the north end of University District starting at noon. Click here for more info


June 2 - 4
Ozark Spring Council in Missouri Mark Twain National Forest E-Mail
June 3
Benefit for the Ithaca Regional WATER SUPPLY FUND at the WOODSTOCK, NY, COMMUNITY CENTER June 3rd @ 8:00 LIVE MUSIC info: (914) 246-6196
June 3 & 4
Ann Arbor, Michigan yard sale to raise green energy to mail the Howdy Folks for the regional. We especially need stuff to sell; this is a good way to rid yourself of excess baggage and network your family all at once. It's at 2890 Hawks, Ann Arbor. Contact:
Great Lakes Rainbow-Michigan
POB 3433 Ann Arbor MI 48106-3433
(360) 385-2540
June 4th
New York City Council & Potluck 502 west 44th St. Potluck at 2pm Last council starts at 6 pm
June 4th
Potluck Picnic in Portland OR. Rides to the NW Regional will be facilitated. Some folks leaving for seed camp which begins on the 5th. Woodstack Park, SE 47th and Steele St. on the 47th side. Begins at noon.
June 10 - 12
Spring Council in New Mexico, site to be announced.
June 10 -16 Click here for the Potluck Howdy Folks and Directions to the regional.
Northwest Gathering, seed camp starts June 5. Contact: Ruby Moss at (360) 385-2540 or write
51 10TH AVE
June 16-26
Robinsville N.C regional. Off of hwy 129 to Slick Rock Rd. right up mountain to Bear Creek Hunters Camp starting the 16 of this month and continuing until the 26.
June 17
Spring Renewal Picnic at Gallup Park in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
June 17 - 25
Sunrise Family Solstice Gathering, VA. Go to Luray Caverns, driveway to end Luray Airrport. Right on 652. Go to 1st stop sign, left to 675. Crosss river, turn right 864/717. Go 7.3 miles. Pavement ends. Take 1 st left on dead end road. Right on 1711.
June 24
Rollinsville, Colorado Drum Jam and fund raiser. All green energy goes to the magic hat in New Mexico. Email Rob Savoye. or call at (303) 258-0506.


Jul 1 - 7
24th Annual North American Gathering of the Tribes Send letters or donations to:
Rainbow '95 New Mexico Gathering BoX 6430 Taos, NM 87571
July 10-16
Island Tribes Gathering, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Has been Canceled. They are looking for another possible site. Contact: Waterfall or
Sara (604) 653-4873
821 Beaver Point Rd., Salt Springs Island, B.C., Canada V8K1X9
July 22
The Arboretum in Ann Arbor sternly informed us a few years back that they don't allow organized events without their permission. Not wanting to cause trouble, we have been careful to announce every year since that on the last day of the Ann Arbor Art Fairs, there will be no activity organized by the Rainbow Family from 2PM to dusk in the Arb; folks who come out to the Arb do so of their own volition; if they bring drums and food, that's nobody's business but their own. Remember, people, the revolution will not be organized! Contact:
Great Lakes Rainbow - Michigan, PO Box 3433,
Ann Arbor MI 48106-3433
Jul 28 - Aug 6 Click here for the Howdy Folks
Northeast Gathering Ithaca, NY BRING PLENTY OF DRINKING WATER Finger Lakes National Forest From the Southeast: I-87 to Exit 8, 18 miles North of Binghamton, West on 79 thru Ithaca then 11 miles to 228 North 2.6 miles, straight on 227 East 3.3 miles, left on Searsburg Rd.,at water tower, turns to County Rd. #1, left at Wardner Corners Rd. From the West and Northeast: I-90 to exit 42, south on 96 to Ovid, then 414 south 13 miles to Valois, left on Searsburg Rd., Right on Wardners Corner Rd.


August 3 - 10
Mt. Shasta Regional Rainbow Gathering. (new moon) in Mt. Shasta area, specific location to be announced by July 25th & posted in Mt. Shasta city at the Bagel & the Golden Bough bookshop. Seed camp opens July 27th.
Calif - High Sierra Focalizer (916) 265-7332
High Sierra Rainbow PO Box 2033, NC, CA 95959
August 15 - 17
Woodstock 26 at Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY Not specifically Rainbow, but lots of good vibes.
August 19 - 27
OM Valley Gathering in Ohio. This gathering ends with the full moon.
OM Valley POB 9101 Cinti, OH 45209
Dragonfly (513) 351-2216 (no collect calls please)
August 19
Picnic, Belle Isle, Detroit, 3 - 7 PM. North end of the island near the Livingstone Light. Contact:
Great Lakes Rainbow - Michigan, PO Box 3433,
Ann Arbor MI 48106-3433
August 3 - 21
The 9th annual Quebec gathering will happen near the Kipawa Provincial Park in the Temiscamingue region near the border of Ontario. (Rassemblement de l'Arc-en-ciel.) It is not far from North Bay, Ontario. There's 50 miles from there to Kipawa. Then from Kipawa you take the road to Maniwaki turn left at lake Booth, pass Red pine waterfalls turn right on forest road until you've reached the no 112 post at Welsinger lake which is 25 miles away from Kipawa. Welcome home!Site is beautiful it's in the middle of three lakes Charette, Sairs and Welsinger and the Turner Waterfalls. Maybe some cold nights especially in late august.Water is almost pure. Seed camp is already started. Contact: (514) 935-4086 (no collect calls please except emergency!) or Email
August 5 & 6
Yard Sale part II, Ann Arbor. 2890 Hawks (corner of Hawks and Packard), noon to dusk. Benefit to raise the green energy to network the SummerUs End regional, and other regional events. We have a particular need for items to sell; books, music, and brickabrack sell particularly well.
August 19
Picnic, Belle Isle, Detroit, 3:00 - 7:00 PM. North end of the island, near the Livingstone Light.
August 20
We're having a Potluck next Sunday, in People's Park, Bloomington, which is on Kirkwood, at 3pm. The main focus is planning for the fall gathering. Contact: Eye of Osiris, 4th and Grant Street, (812) 332-0048
Aug 26 - Sept 4
Midwest Gathering in Michigan, Interior Townsite Near Watersmeet in the Upper Peninsula Contact:
Great Lakes Rainbow - Michigan, PO Box 3433,
Ann Arbor MI 48106-3433
Aug 26 - Sep 4
Ozark Gathering in Missouri Mark Twain National Forest E-mail Here's the Howdy Folks and directions.


Sept. 2 - 4
Nebraska Fall Gathering, north of Lincoln. Call (402) 476-0576.
September 17
Picnic, Fernbank Park, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Sept 20 - 24
Colorado Fall Equinox Regional at Lower Salt Cabin Park. Contact rob or call Robb & Deanna at (970) 568-7404.
Sept 21
Quebec vision council. Contact
Sept 25 - Oct 1.
Regional in Hoosier National Forest
Contact: Luke Jones, e-mail only (
Mountain and Bobbie, 6:00 - 8:00 PM (812) 334-2757
The Eye - Stewy, 403 E. 4Th St., Bloomington (812) 332-0048
Amy, voice mailbox (812) 331-3878
Seed camp Sept 17-24th
Clean-Up Oct 2nd until it's done.
Sept 30
Federal Regulations go into effect!See here for the full text of the regulations and comments by the Forest Service.


October 6 - 16
Shawnee Gathering in Illinois Shawnee National Forest. Take 45 S to Hwy. 34 ( 145 S). Stay on 34 through Herod. 5-10 miles past Herod look for a sign for One Horse Gap. Turn right on FS 126. Welcome Home! Contact:
Shawnee Rainbow Family
c/o Mon Amis
810 B N. Carico
Carbondale IL 62901
(618) 457-6424
October 8
Picnic, Stanberry Park, near Cincinnati, Ohio.
October 14
Fall Colors Picnic, Francis Park, Lansing, Michigan, 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM (or later), likely followed by a caravan to Nordhouse Dunes for Saturday night campfire and Sunday scouting and site prep in advance of the Winter Regional.
October 15
9th Annual NYC Rainbow Family Picnic at Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Sunday, Oct 15, noon til dusk. Ignore any rumors of cancellation. F train to 15th St/Prospect Park. Follow chalk markers to Neadermead. NYC Rainbow Light Line 560-7111.
October 17
Amazing Rainbow Family Benefit at Wetlands. 161 Hudson St. Tues, Oct 17, 7:30pm until. 1, A, C or E train to Canal St., walk overpass or west 1 block then south 1 block. Featuring Tiberius, En Train, Silver Cloud Singers, plus surprise special guests! Suggested donation $6.00 Plus regular weekly tribal drum jam downstairs -- bring drums, flutes, tamborines, chackas, etc... NYC Rainbow Light Line 560-7111.


Halloween - Nov 15
Harvest Home gathering at Yonder's farm in Jeffersonville, Ga.
Southbound: I-75 S. through Macon to I-16 E. I-16 E. to exit 8. Take a right and follow Hwy 96 into Jeffersonville. Forward through stop sign and follow Hwy 18 for about 1 1/2 miles to a rainbow sign on the right.
Northbound: I-75 N. to exit 44. Take a right and follow into Jeffersonville(about 30 miles). Follow Hwy 18(at stop)as above to farm.
November 4 & 5
Great Lakes Regional Council, Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our fine brother Racchimuskillingum has been kind enough to offer his home for this year's autumn council. Here's how to get there: Take US131 north of Kalamazoo Exit at D Ave. Turn right, go to 14th (yellow blinker) Turn left, go to C Ave. Turn right Look for a big gray farmhouse on your left. It should be the first house on the left--there is a "Pass With Care" sign at the driveway. Welcome (to Racchi's) Home!
November 18 & 19
OM Valley Fall Council and Campout, Rebel Trace Lake, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky.
Late November
Thanksgiving Council in eastern Oklahoma. This is a working council, not a regional. The land-owners have asked that we not publically post the directions, so please email me at or call at 303-258-0506 and I'll send ya the directions. They're pretty complicated. The closest airport is the one in Oklahoma City.
Dec 1 - Easter
Mexico Gathering at Permaculture Farm with X-mas celebration at the coast.
Contact: Sergio Mamert, Jose Cardios or Tamu Tariaticha (Four Winds)
Apartado, Postal 391, Patzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico.
Near Morelia, east of Guadalajara. Hwy 37 to Patzcuaro. Got to Morelia, then Patz (63 km). Go to Eronganicuan, stop in Arocutin (15 km)
Dec 15 - Jan 15
Gathering on the Beach, Marauta. This gathering is on the Pacific coast of Michoacan province, Mexico. Marauta is a nature preserve type area south of Colima & Manzanilla. Come prepared for camping outdoors. Traditional & alternative cultures exist here. This is an unconfirmed rumor, so I'd appreciate any feedback as to whether it's real or not. I've heard about it from a number of sources.
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