Barry E. Adams, plunker - Montana Family, Rainbow Tribe
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Mike Dombeck, Chief
United States Forest Service
National Headquarters
Washington, DC Feb 20, 1997

Howdy ,

I, as an individual, over the past number of years, have met with Forest Service Chief John McGuire (1978), and F. Dale Robertson; I did not meet with Jack Ward Thomas. These meetings were over Peaceable Assemblies for Purposes of Expression, held on National Forest systems lands, for over 26 years.

In 1971, in Colorado I met with a Forest Service District Ranger, and talked with him concerning "Gathering" on National Forest land in Colorado. He drove me out to a beautiful meadow area, with a good size stream running through it, and asked me, "Is this what you are looking for?" I said, "Yes, only further West of here, over the Mountains, near Aspen, Four Corners area."

A few weeks later, at an address in Eugene, Oregon, I received a "summons" to a meeting with Forest Service officials in Denver. I and a partner met in Denver, with Forest Service officials (and many cops), who did not agree that such an event was lawful on National Forest system lands... and so began the 1972 World Family Gathering, sponsored by the Rainbow Family of Living Light: a mystical, mythical concept of a Spiritual Relationship among All Human Beings - All our Relations (all beings, creatures, all Creation); and so too began a long and difficult relationship between the Forest Service and Gathering attendees.

In the Beginning, in Colorado 1972, there was/is "a failure to communicate." After many, many years of personally working to evolve a situation where U.S. Forest Service can recognize, accept, respect, and responsibly manage an appropriate official response to such First Amendment events on National Forests, ...with little success, I have finally taken the action of sue-ing the Forest Service, and various LEOs for Legal Resolution. In another day and age I would have called out, "I AM SPARTACUS!"

I am sharing this information with you, Chief Dombeck, in hopes you will personally REVIEW this matter, and meet with myself (and other individuals who share a common interest in this matter) - with various members of your staff, your top LEOs, etc.. Obviously I would prefer a meeting held here in Missoula, but I would travel.

The entire Permit Process dispute can be worked out with common sense. In the 1984 version of 36 cfr 251 etc, where Recognition and Acceptance by Forest Service of such events was clearly stated, there was listed as one of the District Ranger’s options, an Operations Plan/agreement.

Operation’s Plan -- is the actual operational way Gatherings are managed by Forest Service, even while the Permit Process (political smokescreen) continues unabated. In effect, the Forest Service unilaterally issues an on-site "operations plan" at each Gathering. These Plans are derived from Early models (1982, Idaho Gathering) and with site specific information based on evaluations by the Forest’s Resource Team. This is how the 1997 Oregon Gathering was managed (operationally) by Forest Service.

In effect, this Operations Plan was/is a Guideline issued by the Forest Service; if various individuals attending the Gathering had not been in compliance, these individuals could have been ticketed...i.e. for health, sanitation, environmental violations etc...

Any large group Peaceable Assembly on National Forest land, for purposes of expression, i.e. First Amendment expressive behavior, could easily be managed by Forest Service using this method - Operation Plan Guidelines.

Any large group assembly planning such activity, would ‘Give Notification’ to local District Ranger. The District Ranger would then meet with the group when it arrives or reaches a certain level of Impact, to Inform the Attendees of the Operation’s Plan [meet with "leaders," if a group has "leaders"] -- if the group does not have leaders, the District Ranger, resource people, state health and sanitation people, et al, can meet with individual volunteers, and/or make announcements at various places, and post the Operation Plan Guidelines for Large Group Activity, at various appropriate places along routes of ingress and egress. Then, only IF NECESSARY, for lack of compliance, ticket individuals and proceed with appropriate Law Enforcement methods to insure compliance. There are many laws/ regulations that already protect health, sanitation, environment, etc..

This is one possible common sense answer, and it is the current ‘unofficial" way the Gatherings are managed by Forest Service Resource people and always have been. Individuals, or circles of individuals, are approached by Forest Service, etc.. However, because of the excessive Law Enforcement "police state tactics and procedures" currently used against the Gatherings... and individuals/volunteers communicating with Forest Service, etc., cooperation is becoming more difficult -- folks wanting to Resolve situations find it difficult to participate, become targeted...

Iff’n a person steps up to help facilitate, overcome "a failure to communicate," these days, that person could/would be ticketed, charged, busted and possibly banned from Gathering. None of these Law Enforcement actions are good, and they do not help Resolve situations.

If a Meeting were to take place, over Law Enforcement procedures and permit process, I would recommend that these Forest Service personnel be in attendance. I would attend, as an Individual, and encourage other individuals to attend.

I would hope that Bruce Cheney, Asst. District Ranger, Prineville, Oregon would attend; also, Rock Gerke, and Rich Carver, two "security officers" with common sense; also, Mike Lowry, Incident Commander, Oregon 1997; David Summer, "safety officer;"..additionally, John Carpenter and Malcolm Jowers; and Bill Fox, from Missoula..

Enclosed is my current Legal case, Oregon District Court {No. 97-1798-HA}. I have also included copies of Traci Park’s Legal case (Missouri 1996), my Motions for Dismissal of my ticket (Oregon 1997), and a HipStorical review of myself and Forest Service/Gathering contact through the years, Creative Philosophy and Sociology of the Law of Peace.

I am an individual who has Gathered for many years, communicated with the Forest Service, and with various individuals who also Gather, and I have participated in many Set-Ups and Recovery and Restoration of a number of Gathering Sites, -- ..I am a long-time experienced gatherer..-- I have some valid insights into Resolution of this matter and have always been willing to circle for unity.

As a Citizen, oftentimes Defendant and again Plaintiff, I have a vested interest in Resolution of this problem... I LOVE TO GATHER....and I would like to gather with other individuals on National Forest land without all the conflicts... I love Forest lands and I love the Constitutionally protected Right to Peaceably Assemble... A Gathering for Expression on National Forest land (other public land) is the modern day equivalent of the Sons and Daughters of the Revolution at the Liberty Tree on the Commons in Philadelphia, in 1776.


Barry Adams, plunker

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