HI this is Little Deer again  here is the information for the family project---its about dogs again----
Boosters for Animal Rainbow Family Kamp or to be known better as BARK:;
                A camp to serve the Family by providing general health checks to their animals and administering booster shots (vaccinations) as needed.  The camp will also be used as a center to facilitate dog training
sessions and to coordinate lost and found dogs/owners.
                Energy Needed:
                Peoples who have some experience handling dogs to aide in health checks and feeding/watering and cleaning up after the dogs. Peoples willing to help out setting up camp---to be on-site around the
20th of june. 
                Camp Needs:
                Leashes and collars- can be made out of uniquely tied rope or some other innovative idea that can serve the purpose comfortably for the dogs who are in need of it.
                  Dog food--dry food only please (we want to avoid the trash of canned food) and its not very good for your pet anyway!
                  First-Aide for dogs:  wrap bandages, Benodine and Iodine for cuts and scraps etc.
                  Plenty of 5 Gallon buckets of course!
                  Dog brushes would be a good idea because a well groomed dog is usually a happy dog and its a good way of relieving many pests problems etc.
                  A lot of animal -Loving people to make this camp happen in the capacity it will need to serve our family's pets well and who want to work on resoving the Dog Issue at the gatherings and aid in
educating our family about healthy dogs and the Family's well----being.

                My name is Little Deer and I will be on-sit on the 20th or before. I will bring dog vaccinations in bulk and administer them after their health checks.  I am an experienced vet assistant and hope I can use
my skills to further serve our family.
                If you are willing and able to commit some of your time and energy to BARK--
Please call me at (907) 232-6182 its a cell phone so no collect calls.
or write to BARK at P.O.B. 521159 Big Lake, Alaska 99652
or contact the '97 office and give where you can be reached and what you can offer....Thank you Family.
                                I AM  Little Deer.

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