Healing Arts Theater
Where the Holistic Healing Arts Can Perform

If given a chance to share our medicines in a natural and essential way we would do it.

In this spirit I offer this idea as an idea whose time has come:

I understand that to serve as healers of the world we must first heal ourselves. To do this we need a place where we can meet and share those things which are essential to our common wellness. I would like to suggest that we form a healing council, a healing village, and a healing arts theater where our teachers can demonstrate and share their good will and spiritual information with the family.

We will build a healing village that allows our unity and love for one another to be expressed. When we gather like this we will reunite the hoop. The lights of the world will gather - and in their midst we will learn new healing ways and daily demonstrate the focused love that is at the heart of the rainbow. Our younger family will gather with our oldest wise persons, and we will know ourselves better by counseling together.

Daily, from June 21, beginning early in the day a meditation at center will  begin with the dawn, gathering-assembling in yoga, tai chi, or whatever until a common invocation, breakfast, and announcements about the days workshops begin. It will yield to people going off to the workshops or remaining at center to focus the silence during the mid day in preparation for the High Silence on the Fourth of July. Following that  the circle would do whatever was the will of the healing council for that day, remaining assembled until people from the workshops and/or waiting for dinner would provide the perfect forum for music, sharing, speaking or whatever until dinner was served.

Near this council area would be an information center, a medical area, chiropractor, massage and body work area, an herbal, medicinal plant, tincture, area; a rebirthing, breath work area, a political  area, and other open zones where daily workshops happen.

There will be a workshop board totally committed to Healing Theater news.

In this manner we can discover our teachers and provide an atmosphere where they can share
information relevant to our ceremony, health and collective well being.

The area where this will happen should be defined and the early structures began as soon as people get on the land. Healers and teachers should be focusing on the area/in the area until which time the healers coming from the Trillium healer's gathering have arrived and  established their camps.

Volunteers for all the areas of this theater are needed. Healers, therapists, teachers, cooks, and general camp coordinators/workers are invited to join camp with us and enjoy the gathering's heart.
algae@snowcrest.net for input or contact Michael John @ 1-800-923-5189

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