Calendar of Events for 1998

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Any phone numbers or email addresses listed here are for information and directions only. Being listened as a contact here is decided by me the web maintainer, and these people should never be considered as leaders or representatives of the Rainbow Family.


Please don't email me asking about regionals or directions that aren't on this list, cause *everything* I have goes on here, as soon as I get the info. I get way too much email as it is.


Jan 1-15
Mississippi gathering in Desoto National Forest. Brooklyn,Ms is located 20miles south of Hattiesburg off Highway 49 Take Brooklyn Exit go to Main Street go east on Main till you run into Ashe Nursery Rd. Proceed 2miles on Ashe Nursery rd.until you reach a 4way intersection take a left there on 319 it is a dirt road also known as New York Road. Proceed on 319 for approximately 3and 7tenths miles and take another left on 319G about a half-a-mile you should see fires and Welcome Home.
Jan 4
Monthly potluck council & drumming at Jery's loft (mdD Manhattan) for time(s) address and details please call: NY Rainbow Lightline: (212) 560-7111
Jan 4
Alabama Rainbow Family 1998 Spring Counsel. Held on the 1st Sunday of the new year (January 4th) at Palisades Park just North of Birmingham, Alabama. From Birmingham take I-59 North to exit 166. This is hwy 231. Go north thru Oneonta. Stay on 231 north for about 2 miles past Oneonta and look for the sign that says <93>Palisades Park<94> to the right. Take that road up to the park. Follow the rainbows! Go all the way to the back of the park. We have a large cabin reserved that sits right on a cliff edge overlooking a beautiful valley for a comfortable indoor counsel/potluck/drum circle. We have the use of the building for free for that one day from 9 am to 9 pm so come early.
We have found a very nice camping area on the beautiful Warrior river not far from Palisades Park. If you are interested in coming early and would like to camp please call 205-699-9712. Leave your name and phone number and we will get back to you with directions to the camping site. Please remember that it will be mid-January and camping on the river can get extremely cold(but probably not colder than 15 or 20 degrees at the low end) be prepared for cold weather!
Jan 10
Florida vision/scouting council at Farles Prairy, on FS Rd. 599. Better directions when I get them.
Jan 11
Dixie scouting council. All who wish to be scouts please come with some advance work and ideas in this area. Experienced scouts especially welcomed and invited. For more info, call Cara at 504-429-1315.
January 12
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
January 17th
Orange County Drum Circles at Huntington State Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.


Feb 1
San Francisco Bay Area council at Lindley Meadow, Golden Gate Park, to prepare for the May regional. Potluck and drum jam from 11am-1pm, council from 1pm-4pm. For more info, try the SCROLL web site.
Feb 7
California Regional Gathering Planning Council, somewhere in Orange County. This will give the folks in So Cal an opportunity to get together and start focusing our energy on the gathering.
Feb 10
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
Feb 11-25
Florida regional (sometimes called the Ocala gathering) at Juniper Prairie in the Ocala National Forest. I've been told that if you show up before Monday, Feb. 7th, you will get lost alone on the Prairie (and it's very big). Furthermore, the water system will not be functional until after that date. Folks will be camped at 599a until the 7th if you need somewhere to go. If you show up or stay after the 25th, expect to get to work helping clean up. For directions and other important info, go here.
Feb 12
We invite all Louisiana Rainbow Families and individuals that we are not in contact with to join us in a special council. This is an organizational planning council for the Dixie Region 4 Spring Gathering. Some of our scouts have come in with reports on possible sites in the Homochitto National Forest in Mississippi. We have many decisions to consense on for the coming gathering. Alabama family has called a last minute council to meet on Sunday February 15th to come to consensus on the gathering. They are looking for our information and the consensus that we come to. Some of us are planning to join them on the 15th. Our Louisiana council will meet on the land at Cara Galadon Rainbow House in Hammond, Louisiana on Thursday the Feb. 12th. We apologize for this last minute notice. We are seeking all Southeast Louisiana Rainbow Families (SLRF), Rainbow of Louisiana (ROLA) to join us in pulling off this important effort. This will be the first time in several years that the Dixie Region 4 area will have a unified gathering. The unity of all the families of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama is a step forward for the Rainbow. This council will meet after we celebrate and get to know each other after the vegan/vegetarian potluck, sweat lodge, and drum circle. We gather at noon, and council starts at dusk. For info, call, (or call) 504-419-2618/429-1315,,
Feb 12
NY rainbow Family invites all caring rainbow to care and share good vibes, hugs and drumming at The february NYR benefit at coney island high club in manhattan, thursday, february 12. Stay tuned to the lightline: 2120 560-7111 for further details -- (212)#560-7111.
Feb 12-15
Great Lakes Winter Regional. Directions to Nordhouse Dunes: From Ludington, go east on US-31 to Stiles Rd. (traffic light of some kind); turn left, take Stiles to the end; turn right; go to next left (Quarterline Road) and turn (follow the pavement); go about 2 miles to Nurnberg Road on the left; take Nurnberg 7 miles to the end and parking. Look for signs and/or folks. For more info, contact Gonzo at (734) 761-4243, email, or Leaf at (517) 541-0862, email (collect calls cannot be accepted; long distance calls can be returned collect only).
Feb 18-22
The following event is not a Rainbow Family event, however, if you're a woman or a child ya might be interested in attending. I only list it here because of the confusion and rumors. There will be a sisters gathering (girls & pre-adolescent boys are welcome) February 18-22, 1998 in Southeastern California. >From Yuma, Arizona, so west on Interstate 8 towards San Diego. About 15 miles after crossing the Arizona/California border, exit on Ogilby Road (also known as S34) and go north for 13 miles to Indian Pass Road (a dirt road). There will be a stop sign on the south east corner with the sign directed to Indian Pass Road. Turn left on Indian Pass Road (west) and go 1.2 miles. Turn right on a dirt road. Go 3/10 of a mile and turn left. Or stop at the Shell Station just east of Ogilby Road on Interstate 8 to see the up to the minute directions. Please bring your own water, a minimum of 2 gallons per person per day that you plan on being out in the desert. This is a Rainbow style gathering with the exception that women and pre-adolescent boys are welcome, Men are asked to gather amongst themselves somewhere else.
Feb 21st
Orange County Drum Circles at Huntington State Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.


March 1
Final Southeastern Louisiana Rainbow Families (SLRF) Organizational Council at Cara Galadon Rainbow House located at: 41441 W. I-55 Service Rd., HAMMOND, LOUISIANA 70403. For more info, check the Dixie Rainbow Family web page.
March 12th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
March 15th
Ohio-Miami "OM" Valley Rainbow Family will be counciling at 2pm.... directions are available by phone (513) 956-1675.
March 15-29th
Dixie Spring Regional Gathering. Come celebrate with us on the Spring Equinox this first Region 4 General Gathering in several years. All brothers,sisters,and familys from the states of Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana and surrounding areas are invited to attend. This gathering will take place in Homochitto National Forest in Mississippi. This forest was chosen because of it's almost central location in the midst of the land area of Region 4,as well as the beauty of its' forested valleys and rolling hills with its'many streams and rivers. Seed camp starts on the 15th of March.The Gathering goes from the 20th to the 29th. Cleanup starts the 28th and ends on April 1st
Directions: Get on I-55 heading into Homochitto until you get to exit 61. The road from this exit is 28. Take 28 WEST. Drive about 18-20 until you see the junction 547 sign. CONTINUE on 28 two (2) miles more until you see forest road 133 (on the left). The road should be marked with some kind of Rainbow paraphenelia. You'll know if you've got the right road when you find a tall fire-watch tower in a small field. If there is noone to direct you form there, the continue down 133 PAST the first split on the right (133A). Take the second split to the right (133C - about 1 mile from entrance) and take the trail to the left 2 miles in to main circle. For more info, check the Dixie Rainbow Family web page., (or call) 504-419-2618/429-1315,,
March 20-22th
Ozark Region Spring Council at the water fall near Taum Sauk Mountain (highest point in Missouri) near Arcadia Missouri. There will also be a sweat ,spring ceremony and Drumming. Let your voice be heared and become part of the consenses to plan scout council and the Ozarks. For more info, check the Missouri Rainbow Family web site.
March 20-22st
Central California wants to hug you! We will be gathering to celebrate the Spring Equinox and to council together, we have been making preparations, CALM, Kitchen, comfort stations, new ideas and positive vibes. And yes, we agreed that we should do this, the time is right, there is going to be an All California Gathering somewhere in our region in May, so we want to build local support, and explore ways that we can build a sustainable, positive future. This has been a wet year and the wildflowers are beginning to bloom, come dance with us. Seed Camp will begin on March 19 (moved up due to popular demand) and we will gather from March 20 thru 22 Clean Up on March 23. Directions to the site will be available on or around March 15th on the SCROLL hotline (619-226-5797) and the SCROLL web site.
March 21st
Orange County Drum Circles at Huntington State Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
March 20-22st
NERF council in Worcester, MA at the HEYWOOD Gallery. Winter St. exit 14 of Route 290. 4th Floor. Sleep out in doors! WOW! HOT Topic! Where will we gather in the NorthEast in 98? For more info, call the NERF lightline at 800 994 8635.


April 4th
Colorado Family Council at Ebin G. Fine Park in Boulder on April 4th. Potluck starts around 11am, followed by a council. Ebin G Fine is the park at the extreme west end of Boulder, right by Boulder Creek and the bike trail. It's where Boulder Canyon (rt 119) and Arapahoe Ave come together.
This council is to talk about the possibility of a Spring regional, and if there is a consensus to do this, we'll follow up with a vision council. Anyone wishing more info, or wishing to participate in scouting, call the CO lightline at 303-595-1077 or email me at
April 5th
There will be a Rainbow potluck picnic and council on Sunday April 5th in Santa Cruz, California. The picnic and council will be in Harvey West Park. The picnic will start at 11:00 AM with the council at 1:00 PM. The purpose of the council is to allow folks to plug into the upcomming all-California regional gathering. Harvey West park is located near the intersection of highways 1 and 9 in Santa Cruz. From this intersection, go north on highway 9 to the first light (about 2 blocks). Turn left and follow the signs to Harvey West park. For more information on this picnic and council, or the upcomming California regional, send e-mail to, send snail mail to California Gathering, P. O. Box 721, Soquel, CA 95073, or call 408-335-2965.
April 11th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
April 18st
Humboldt area Rainbow council to discuss the All-CA regional coming up in May. The council is at Arcata Redwood Park Meadow. If rain and a small (hand full) group, let's go to Sacred Grounds. Please reply, preferably by email; else LOCAL calls accepted at 822-9869, ext. 3 or 825-8524.
April 18st
On Saturday, April 18th in San Clemente (South Orange County), folks will be getting together to do some preparations for the All California Gathering in May. We'll be meeting from noon until 5 PM so save the afternoon. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY! We need more experienced family, less experienced family, older family, younger family, skinnier family, fatter family, shorter family, taller family, (you get the picture) to help us focalize the All California Gathering. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site, or call the SCROLL lightline at 619-226-5797.
April 20 ??
New Mexico regional near Taos. Call (505)758-2358 for info.
April 25-16th
Great Lakes Family council. Note that this is a working council, not a gathering or party, though there will certainly be plenty of good fun and good eatin' too. Be aware there is limited space for sleeping indoors, so you are advised to bring tents and sleeping gear with you. Also food to share, music to play, and whatever other fine energies you feel would delight us. Please remember that this is someone's home--please act in such a way that they will feel their kindness in offering their home has been returned.
Directions: Take Interstate 96 to the Clarksville exit (2nd exit past Ionia when heading west toward Grand Rapids from Lansing). This is Nash Highway. Turn right (north) and go about a mile and a half to Peck Lake Road. Turn left (west) and it's about a mile and a half to Kyser Road. Turn right (north) and go about two miles until Kyser ends at Riverside Drive. Turn right (east) and the house is the third on the right. There is a sign at the end of the driveway that says Hawn Creek Kennel. If you cross the stream, turn around! You shouldn't have any trouble finding it, though. For "what's-it-all-about" info: Great Lakes Rainbow ((313) 761-4243 for "help-me-I'm-lost!" info: (616) 642-0460. Unfortunately collect calls cannot be accepted.


May 1 - 11th
The Ozark Regional. For more info, go to the Ozark Rainbow Family page.
May 2nd
Boulder Family Potluck/Pinic. 11am at Ebin G Fine park. Come have fun, and talk more about the upcoming regional.
May 10th (Mother's Day)
Eugene and Portland, OR picnics. 2PM - 6 PM (Circle around 4:20). EUGENE: Alton Baker Park. Meet by the Pavillions
PORTLAND: For location, call the Lightline at (503) 727-2498
Bring: Your cup, bowl and spoon, Food and juice to share, Musical instruments, Good vibes Love and Peace!!!!!!
May 10th (Mother's Day)
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
May 14 - 24th
The unnamed Rainbow circle at Bloomington, Indiana Welcomes all peacefull beings Home to a regional Gathering of The Tribes in the Hoosier National Forest. Directions:
From Bedford, IN go south on SR 37 to the intersection of SR 37 & SR 50, Turn right onto SR 50 (Speedway & Gables rest.), go 10 miles to the intersection of SR 50 & 60 E. Imediately past that intersection, Maybe 100 yd , Carefully turn left (hard to see a bit) up and over railroad tracks. Go 3/4 mi. Turn right, (bridge & forest service sign at this intersection). Go 3 mi. , continue straight past one odd angled cross road with a yeild sign, so as you find yourself at the second right, Turn right, ( at this turn there will be just woods & one yellow post) The road you've turned onto is gravel after a while it will return to being paved, Go 3 & 1/2mi. Continuing past two rights and one left to the second left, Turn left at this gravel road, (here you will see only woods) Go 1/2 mi. to the second small road to the right. Park. Welcome Home! Our Light House 812 332 9704.
May 17th
19th annual Central Park Picnic, NYC. For more info, call (212) 560-7111.
May 19th
9th Annual Benefit at Wetlands, NYC. at 166 Hudson Street 3 blocks below Canal St. For more info, call (212) 560-7111.
May 21-26
There will be a gathering in California in May 1998 near Mono Lake, in Inyo National Forest. May 18-27th will be the total dates including seed camp and clean up. For more info, go to the All CA regional web site or call the SCROLL lightlines at 619/226-5797 (Southern California) or 408-335-2965 (Central California).
May 23rd - 25th
The south central Missouri rainbow family will gather for a memorial day celebration weekend campout along the jacks fork river near blue springs fri. may 23rd - may 25 1998. caves-swimming-hiking-canoe-drumming-4:20-family fun. Bring all good things-love-drums-food to share-peace-family. The site is 2 miles east of hwy 17 on hwy 60 north on county road OO to the end of pavement then west down dirt to the first major right. From there continue to the river (north) ....welcome home !!! For more info, go to the Ozark Family Happenings Page.
Memorial Day weekend
Mid-Atlantic Rainbow Family Gathering, and the directions begin in Shippensburg, Pa On I-81 at HWY 174 Exit ==>> follow 174 East for 3.3 miles, look for Rehoboth Rd. 8/10 of a mile to offset T, follow right for 1.3 miles to Hogshead Rd/Ridge Rd. The site is 2.8 miles on the left.

Additionally, there will be a Pot Luck and Mid-Atlantic Counsil in Lafayette Park, D.C. on Sunday, May 31st, beginning at noon.

May 30th
Michigan Rainbow benefit. Fire and drum circle after dark, yard sale durning daylight, food, the last hippie band, bob the singing bass player, Saturday may 30 6:00 pm till ? Earth Community House, 19731 Forrer in Detroit, 1/2 mile south of 8 mile and two blocks west of Greenfield. For more info call (248) 399-0137. $3.00 suggested donation.
May 30 to roughly June 9th.
Colorado Regional Gathering, a landing zone till Spring Council picks a site in Arizona. Directions: Hwy 285 south from Denver to Monte Vista. In Monte Vista, go south on CR 15 for 16 miles. Go west on "BB" for 5.2 miles. Turn south on FS 255 for 0.2 miles, then west on FS 252 (first right turn) for 4.5 miles to 252-2A. Welcome Home! For more info, call the lightline at 303-595-1077, and/or email me at

Just as a note, your Colorado focalizers love you, but please pass the word to all comers to not sign any permits. We have a strong judiciary here in Colorado that I think will support indivigual rights over the DC desk-jockies.

May 31
Rainbow Pot Luck Picnic and Council will happen on Sunday 5/31/98, noon in Lafayette (Peace) Park, outside the White House. For further information call Judy Appleseed at 301-345-9291.


June 6 & 7th
Spring Council. From Flagstaff, Highway 180 North, past FT. VALLEY to Forest Road245. Go west on FR245 for 2.5 miles to Forest Road 171. Turn right on FR 171 {NW} and continue to ELK TANK on right. Turn right at Elk Tank and proceed to top of hill to Neuman Tank and spring. If on 171 you see a sign for Spring Valley, then you have missed your turn. This is the Kaibab Forest on the south side of Kendrick Mountain. Water at this location is MINIMAL: BRING EVERY DROP THAT YOU EXPECT TO USE DURING THIS COUNCIL. Also for similar reasons NO PERSONAL FIRES, we have limited ability to water any fires. This council is NOT the Gathering; it is a WORKING COUNCIL. Come prepared to work on the issues at hand, or GO SOMEWHERE ELSE for a month or so. We apologize if that sounds abrasive, but OH WELL.
June 6 - 9th
Michigan Regional. Directions: Take I-75 to Vanderbilt (next exit north of Gaylord). go into Vanderbilt an turn left at the blinker (you're now going east on Main St., which becomes Sturgeon Valley Road). After about 8 miles, you will cross the Sturgeon River. Go another 1.5 miles and turn left (on Hare Rd., the first road beyond the river. It is graded, but unmarked). Go to the north end of the road and park on the right (*not* at the turnaround at the end). The last half of the road is 2-track. From the end of the road, walk west and find a spot. The site is in Pigeon River Country State Forest. As usual with Michigan regionals, there is no water source onsite.
June 9th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
June 28th - July 10th
The Annual North American Rainbow Gathering! This year it'll be in Arizona. For more info as the time gets closer, try this page. Directions don't usually get announced till around June 8-10th, so hang tight.


July 9th
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.


August 1 - 3
(Saturday and Sunday nights): Weekend Gathering and Campout in memory of Michael Gramlich, a Rainbow brother who passed away recently. This is not specifically a Rainbow event (it will require purchase of an automobile pass, for one thing)--it is put on by Rainbows, Detroit drummers, and others Michael was close to. It will be in the Organizational Campground at Island Lake State Recreation Area east of Brighton, Michigan. The camp is registered under the name "Rainbow Squares". It should be a most joyous and celebratory memorial.
August 7th (Lunar Eclipse)
San Diego Full Moon Drum Circles at Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
August 21th - 30th
The NERF gathering is at Branch Pond Brook. Take Vt. Rt. 9 (between Bennington & Brattleboro) to Wilmington. Turn North onto Rt. 100, go 14.3mi. Turn West (left) at yellow house onto Stratton Rd, go 11.3mi. Turn North (right) onto Dead End Branch Pond Rd, go 0.7mi. Park the car. Walk 0.3mi downhill to the West. For more info, call the NERF Light line at 800 994 8635.
August 23th - 30th
There are rumors of a Colorado regional, but the Colorado Family has no consensus to have an August regional the same date and place as last year's regional. Also, we just had a great regional the first week of June, and it would be silly to have 2 regionals in 3 months. Watch this space for possible updates, but at this time, there are no plans for an August regional. Other info is on the Colorado lightline at 303-595-1077.
August 26 - September 7
Great Lakes/Northwoods Rainbow Family, End of Summer Gathering at Secret Lake in the Nicolet National Forest (Wisconsin). Directions:
From Eagle River, WI, take Hwy 70 East 15 miles, left on Forest Road 2176 (it has a sign for Kentuck Lake Campground). On 2176 stay on till it ends in a "T" intersection (County Hwy. "A"). Left on "A" about 2 miles (follow signs i.e. colouful rags and pile of rocks) to marked dirt road. Left to Welcome Home. For more info, email or write POB 3213, Madison, WI 53704.
Stuff to Know: This area has been stocked with fishers (somewhere between a wolverine and a weasel). They are predators(like bears) with a taste for cats and dogs. This is not a good place to let your pet go native. Wild cranberry bogs abound here. Wetlands are fragile and precious. Don't tread on them.
August 23rd
Picnic / council for San Francisco Bay Area Rainbow Family on Sunday in the picnic area at Natural Bridges State Beach. Drum circle / other music / socializing and potluck picnic 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. Circle / Council 1 p.m. - ??? for the purposes of being together, sharing experiences from the National Gathering, and discussing nitty gritty stuff like how to set up and pay for a lightline, post office box, mailing list, copywork and postage, and website for the SF Bay Area RF. Picnic / Council will be held rain or shine.

Directions (for those of us not familiar with Santa Cruz): Go to Highway 1 in Santa Cruz. Look for signs to Natural Bridges State Beach. The AAA map shows Highway 1 as Mission Street, but "Mission Street" zigzags off Highway 1. Turn south either at Swift or Western; continue west on Mission Street; turn south on Natural Bridges Drive into the park. Warning: Construction likely through the end of August on West Cliff Drive. The park is "open" until dusk. There is a $6 ($5 "seniors") per vehicle charge in the park. Street parking outside the park as you can find it for those who want to avoid this fee. NEEDED: Someone is needed to "stake out" a picnic table not later than 10 a.m. Park staff say things "get a little crazy" by 11 a.m.


Sept 27
There will be a picnic at Olin Park, Madison, WI on the hill between the barn and the woods at noon. Bring all good things: your very own cup and spoon to eat with! food to share, musical instuments, smiles, etc...
Sept. 25-27th
Southeast Louisiana Rainbow Family Fall Equinox weekend campout and celebration. The campout will take place at Fort Pike State Commenorative Area.Fort Pike is next to Highway 90,midway between Slidell and New Orleans Louisiana.We will start gathering at 5:00 p.m. on Friday the 25th in the middle area of the western beach of Lake St. Catherine.Fort Pike surrounds and includes the lake.Please bring vegetarian foods to cook and share,as well as tents,sleeping bags,water,cooking untensils,firewood,musical instruments,happy hearts,friendly vibrations,and songs.Please do Not bring drugs,alcohol,weapons,dogs,or negativity.We will sing and chant traditional and new rainbow songs of peace,love,and healing around our camp/blissfire.We will dance and celebrate the Equinox and the coming of Fall.We will honour our Mother Earth,Father Sky and our connection to Source/Spirit/God/Goddess.
Saturday the 26th,at noon Rainbow Time,we will hold a SLRF council to plan for our participation in the upcoming united Thanksgiving Council for the states of Region 4 (Dixie),Alabama,Mississippi,and Louisiana.All are invited to attend and participate. The campout will end with a Peace and Healing Om/Prayer Circle on Sunday morning,Rainbow Time.


October 17
Fall Colors Picnic, Frances Park, Lansing, Michigan, noon to 3.
October 3rd
Colorado Rainbow Family council/potluck, 11am near Nederland. We are also planning on winding up with a drum jam till whenever... Bring food, maps, friends, and good vibes. For directions, email me at, or call the Colorado lightline at 303-595-1077 closer to the actual date.
October 4th
Eugene Area Rainbow Family will have their monthly (Sunday-before-the-Full-Moon) Potluck Picnic at Skinners Butte Park- by the Willamette River and the Playground. Bring: food and juice to share, your own cup, bowl and spoon, musical instruments, outdoor games, bicycles and skates, pets on leashes, family and friends,
October 1-13
Shawnee Regional. From 13 in Carbondale. Illinois, Go 8.4 miles south on 51S. Key crossroad indicated by smiling water tower, sign to Makanda and sign to Giant City State Park turn Right (west) away from State park and Makanda. Take immediate left on frontage type road (To Cobden). Go 4.2 miles, Right on Union Springs Road, Go 2 miles, Right on Cedar Road, continue to welcome home.
October 23-25
Northwest Tribes Council. in northern washington on the beautiful olympic penninsula. The purpose of this council is to bring the Northwest Tribes Rainbow Family together to celebrate ourselves and to determine the desire and energy within the regional family for creating a regional gathering sometime in the next year. This will be a rainbow family business council and not a gathering!!! I repeat:this is not a gathering. this is a working council, please come prepared to love and share and brainstorm and respect each other so that we may all have morphun, now and forever! Please bring: bulk food, dry and produce, to share; ideas; shelter and warm clothes; musical instruments of creation; love; repect; cooperative attitudes.

Please do not show up earlier than friday - this is a private home and respect is required in all actions, in all cases. everyone must leave by sunday. Do not bring alcohol, violence, or dogs. For directions please e-post or phone Heather: phone: (360)754-1423. do not call past midnight, do not call collect, do not call before 9a.m.


November 1
San Francisco Bay Area Family picnic/council at Natural Bridges, in Santa Cruz. Picnic from noon-2pm and council from2-4pm. Natural BridgesBeach is at the west end of Santa Cruz. It can be reached by Highway 1. Follow the signs. There is a small charge for parking. You can also park on the street and walk in. This will be a very important council as we are going to decide if we will have a multi-day Thanksgiving Celebration. (Still) Unresolved issues: Banking council needed. Northern California Rainbow Family email account; mailing list; post office box; telephone lightline also unresolved.
November 7 & 8
Florida Rainbow Family council at Second Hammock, North Farles Prarie. Directions: from SR19---go west on Forest Road 599. Go past Forest Road 562. Go left on Forest Road 599-A. The Council site is the Second Hammock on Farles Prairie (about 1/4 mile). Welcome Home. All peaceful beings welcome.
November 7 & 8
Midwest Regional Council, Montague, Michigan. Celebrate the year just past, and another even better year ahead.
November 25-27
Annual Thanksgiving Council at Chucks's Farm is located on Hwy 192 in Rebersburg. From State College follow 322 E to 45 in Boalsburg. Left on Hwy 45 to the intersection of 168 you will be in Spring Mills. Turn left and go about 1/2 mile to Hwy 192. This will be Centre Hall left on 192 to Rebersburg about 15 miles. When you pass through Rebersburg go around 1 mile and look for the signs. We have a large red barn across the road and the house sits close to the hiway. Parking access will be immediatly after you see the house. Turn left and follow the markers...
AN easier set of directions I just got are: Chuck's farm is about a mile or two outside of Rebersburgh, on Rt 192, around 30 miles East of State College, PA. (follow I-80 to the middle of the state) There will be large army tents availible for warmth and shelter.

Bring for Late Fall Camping: 1) live-in vehicle or good waterproof tent 2) foul weather gear, gloves, hat, warm coat, umbrella 3} extra blankets 4) waterproof boots 5) your own food or contributions to the kitchen 6) something for the Magic Hat 7) open mind for good comminication, open arms for hugz, and open heart for love &) Remember it could rain, snow or be sunny and mild, so be prepared! The phone number for more information (Chuck's farm phone) is (814) 349-8313, or email

November 27 - 29th
Northern California Council. Directions to be announced soon. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
November 28-Dec 4?
MARO (Mid Atlantic Rainbows) Thanksgiving council. Near Morgantown W.V. From I 79 Exit 155 east to Rt 19 Left on 19 go about 1200 ft left on school st go 600 ft left on county 19/24 go about 1/2 a mile make left at Y in the road .Go to the end of the road at the T the building in front of you is it. The building is 50 by 100 ft heated by 4 wood stoves an two Mobil home for more space. For more Info call 304-291-2755.
Comfortable site for families, disabled, elderly, sick, and those in lawsuits. Second site (inc camping) for abled-boded, with "taxis" inbetween. Drumming circles and local informational meetings have already been going on, along with networking with legal groups and local agencies.
November 15
West Palm Beach Picnic at the North end of Dreher Park (north of the Science Museum), the first of which is to be held on Sunday, November 15, 1998. We will council on a new beginning for the local tribe and this year's regional gathering. Please come and share your food and heartsongs, as all voices are welcome and all opinions matter. BRING: Good vibes, smiling faces, a covered dish, musical instruments, your own cup, bowl and spoon, and LOVE! LEAVE BEHIND: Alcohol, Bad vibes, electrical things , and fireworks.

Focus is to be on connecting with other Florida Tribes and having another Benefit to raise appropriations for this year's regional gathering. We had a strong tribe here once, & we can do it again! For more information e-mail me at or telephone 1-561-585-1002 or fax 1-561-533-5977.


December 4th
Full Moon Drum Circle in San Diego @ Black's Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
December 5th
Monthly Potluck/Drum Circle in Huntington Central Park/Huntington Beach. For more info, go to the SCROLL web site.
December 5-6th
Florida Family Council at Half Moon Campground in the Ocala National Forest. (Camping is off-limits at our traditional council site from November 13-January 10 because of hunting season :(.....) Heartsong Council on Saturday, Family Council on Sunday. A good excuse for getting out of the city for a weekend and spending it with your family in the woods. Directions: From SR40, go right on Forest Road 579. Go about 2 miles. Campground is well-marked on the left
December 12th
A SCROLL Council has been planned for December 12th to discuss the idea of doing a regional gathering in 1999.Directions: From I-5 in Dana Point, exit Camino Las Ramblas and head west. Camino Las Ramblas becomes Highway 1--stay on Hwy. 1 and continue north. Cross over San Juan Creek and turn left on Dana Point Harbor Drive. Turn right on Street of the Park Lantern (1st right) Look for the Rainbow banners. If you need a ride or have a ride to share call the hotline and leave your name and number. For more information go to the SCROLL Web Site
December 13th
OM Valley potluck/picnic in the park (Cinci). For more info, call the OM Valley Lightline at (513) 956-1675.



January 15, 1999 (Friday evening)
Scouting Rendezvous at North Farles Prairie parking area. Friday evening discussion about where folks have been scouting and making a plan for covering ground for the rest of the weekend. Also a good place to get some experience with scouting for a gathering. Scouts will reconvene at North Farles Sunday evening January 17 to discuss our options. Open to anyone who wants to spend the weekend doing a lot of walking. Directions: From SR19 between SR40 and the town of Eustis, go west on Forest Road 599. Go past Forest Road 562. Turn left on Forest Road 599A.
January 1-15th 1999
Mississippi gathering in Desoto National Forest. Brooklyn,Ms is located 20miles south of Hattiesburg off Highway 49 Take Brooklyn Exit go to Main Street go east on Main till you run into Ashe Nursery Rd. Proceed 2miles on Ashe Nursery rd.until you reach a 4way intersection take a left there on 319 it is a dirt road also known as New York Road. Proceed on 319 for approximately 3and 7tenths miles and take another left on 319G about a half-a-mile you should see fires and Welcome Home. About 50 folks here now. Bring Love,Peace,Light and try to avoid the Agro not be a part of it .
January 31, 1999
Florida Family Council at Second Hammock, North Farles Prairie. Site of 1999 Ocala Gathering to be decided in open council. Wording for Howdy Folks and Web Announcement to be discussed and consensed upon in open council. Operating Plan for 1999 Ocala Gathering to be discussed, prepared, and consensed upon. Directions above.
January 31
OM Valley Full Moon potluck/picnic and plans are for a campout fri/sat night......somewhere either in ironton or aberdeen, ohio. For more info, call the OM Valley Lightline at (513) 956-1675.


February 14 - 28, 1999
13th Annual Ocala Winter Gathering of the Tribes. Site to be decided in council, January 31.
Sunday, February 14.....Silence until Noon
Opening Ceremonies: Ocala Peace Pole to be dedicated
Sunday, February 28.....Silence until Noon
Prayer for Peace and Healing for Life on Planet Earth, Kid Parade, Florida Family Vision Council, late afternoon at Info.
February 11 - 14, 1999
Seventh Annual Valentine Regional Love-In Camp-Out, Michigan. Site to be determined--if you have suggestions, please send them to Gonzo We *really* want to locate a new site!
February 14, 1999
Valentine Lovin Campout, just for the phun of it:) for those not able to get to florida.) possible site in monteray, ky if not available then aberdeen or chilo, ohio. For more info, call the OM Valley Lightline at (513) 956-1675.

March, 1999

March 12-14
OM Valley Spring Council and CampOut (prefer nf) (March 15th is our 7th Anniversary!) this council will focus on inviting cumberland, katuah family, hoosier family and tecumseh healing circle(of indiana) for a joint council. For more info, call the OM Valley Lightline at (513) 956-1675.
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