For many years, there has been growing concern about how we as a Family take care of our basic needs at a
gathering.  There are many functions at the gathering that are the responsibility of all of us (trash/recycling,
sanitation, welcome home, parking, feeding each other, shanti sena, and numerous other functions).

It seems we are seeing more and more problems when it comes to filling these needs.  It has become difficult at times to remember that we truly are ONE family and do need to work together to meet the needs of all.

One way to meet our needs is to have a common space:

… A place where all are welcome.
… A place where one can come to find out what is needed and plug in.
… A place to go when you need help and don't know where else to turn.
… A place where people can learn (and teach) our Rainbow ways.
… A place where material supplies are gathered and stored so folks wanting to help out have the means to do so.
… A place where we can work as One and be more effective in meeting our basic needs.


If you feel there is a need for this…

      Speak up!
                              Plug in!                          
                                                Help support this idea!

                                                                                              Let your energy shine!

Much is needed to make a cooperations camp happen this year.  People looking for something fun and important to dedicate their time to are needed for this camp.

Many tools and supplies are needed to support this vision: plywood; big spools of twine; pens, markers, and paints for signs; digging and building tools; material for handwash stations; toilet paper; ribbons; treats (we thought we'd sneak that one in!);  heavy building rope; tarps; and all other useful  things.

If you have any of these materials, please bring them to the cooperations camp this year!

If you wish to donate money to help buy needed materials ahead of time, please send it to the Rainbow '97 Office
(be sure to note that your donation is for cooperation supplies).

We will have more information on cooperations camp as it progresses.

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