If you are simply interested in knowing where the site is…

· You can send us a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and we will snail mail you a Howdy Folks/map to the site.

· You can send us your e-dress and we’ll zap it to you!

· You can send us your fax number and we’ll fax you!

· You can do nothing, because we will also include directions on the Voice Mail message and on this website.

(Note: Please don’t expect site directions until June.)

Below are several ways available to communicate with us:

VOICE MAIL: Feel free to call us anytime. You can leave us messages, but remember: if you want us to call you back, it will most likely be a collect call. Note: Scouts can also call the voice mail # and leave their name and number (or address) and they will be contacted. The number is: (541) 744-5758

SNAIL MAIL: Here’s where to send anything you would like us to receive. *An S.A.S.E. would insure a response if you want us to reply about something pertaining to the ’97 Rainbow Gathering. The address is: Rainbow ’97 PO BOX 5577 EUGENE, OR 97405 · Donations to support the early needs of the gathering should be sent to this address. (checks and money orders can be made payable to: Rainbow ’97)

E-MAIL: You can also send something to this website or the ‘97 office through e-mail The address is:


CONTACTING US BY COSMIC VIBRATION: That’s right folks you can also send us your support cosmically ! We will try to respond to all vibrations sent our way. So remember, if you’re standing around doing dishes and a big wonderful cosmic vibration overcomes you... IT MIGHT BE US!

Share what you can - Offer what you will. Help us to make this a productive space for planting seeds of visions yet to come.

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