Check out this link for all kinds of general information relating to the Rainbow Family. You will find past history and current information on the Rainbow Family, pictures, and much much more.

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There is also an e-mail based discussion group called alt.gathering.rainbow (AGR). Each single email message sent to this address gets sent to all subscribers on the list. Here you will find folks discussing all kinds of Rainbow- related topics. To subscribe to the discussion group alt.gathering.rainbow, send email to No subject is required, just type the message "subscribe gathering" and your email address. You will then automatically receive all posts sent to this group in your mailbox. This is the best way to see all posts (or post your own messages) and makes it easier to follow continuing threads (subjects) without missing anything.

For those without mailboxes or simply not wishing to have all posts to this newsgroup sent to them, you can view current messages on the newsgroup through a news-reader (like nn, trn, or trumpet). Just sign up for the " alt.gathering.rainbow" newsgroup. Messages to this newsgroup will not automatically go into your mailbox, but you can read current messages at any given time. You can post messages to the newsgroup this way also.

If you have any problems, you can send e-mail to: and he will help you out.

Ride Sharing Information

Here is a link to a website that is for folks looking for riders or folks needing a ride to the gathering

So check it out.....

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