The Rainbow ’97 Office will help to coordinate scouting this year. Our goal is to facilitate the communication between those scouting, those wanting to scout, and those supporting the scouting effort.

Do be aware that scouting is a tough and demanding job…Scouts can expect a lot of driving, getting lost, inclement weather, a lot of walking, a lot more walking, and even more walking. Ideally, scouts are mobile, self-contained and self-sufficient.

Because financial support is usually minimal for scouting expenses, scouts often find themselves paying a lot of expenses out of their own pocket.

This is a serious job requiring serious commitment. But it is one of the greatest services to our family.

If you want to scout… Please contact us!!!! Anyone interested is welcome to plug in.

How important is the gathering site to you? More than any other aspect of the gathering, the site we select affects everything, including our personal well being. A less than ideal site can create undo hardships for everyone.

We rely on our scouts to find our Home each year. If we want them to travel the needed miles and check out all the many possible sites until the best one is found, let us all make an effort to help support our scouts.

Please send your donations for gas, maps, etc. to the Rainbow ’97 Office.

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