Crusty  Corrupted!
    Comet Clobbers Cosmic  Clown

News Flash!!
Crusty clobbered by HaleBopp!!
Cosmic Clown Corrupted!
Morphun Generated!
New and Improved! Rainbow Family Tribe of Living Light Now With MORPHUN!

Where: Mysteries are memorized
Quandaries quantified
Calamities cauliflowered
Misspellings unspelled

Morphun is not just more fun.

The dissolution of old forms. Unmorphing generates new ideas and morphun.
Morphun means the eradication of UNFUN
It is the transformation of work  into something filled with love and joy!
With Morphun you too can find higher function as taught at Rainbow U. by Crusty the clobbered cosmic clown who was hit by HaleBopp and is now Morphun's morphological socratic budabbotian logic generator.

Attention Hominids!  If you're looking for morphun join Cooperations!
...the in place in the outdoors

Crusty the corrupt cosmic clown clobbered by the comet heralds the Age of Morphun and teaches the FUN+FUN=MORPHUN principle.
The abject eradication of unfun is advocated as new morphological archetypes manifest at the structure generator
referred to by cognoscenti and neophyte alike as Cooperations. With total partiality  Halebopp's clobbering of Crusty  heralds a great approaching change!
In 1982 the initial  KARMA BALANCING EQUATIONS were stated in the Rainbow Guide:
Fun creates work on the lower planes
Work equals Fun in Rainbow reality
This original preliminary theorem demonstrated the insane yet logic ridden attributes elucidated by the Karma Yogi
(he of the gortex socks) while under duress but with clear conscious as he restated the obvious and unobscured the truth. There was a clarity and frank idiocy in his callous deductions:


This was used to instigate the potentialities of  laggard Rainbozos requiring catapult mechanisms to propel their gluteals into the unfamiliar state referred to as Work (UNFUN). The Morphun theorem was developed through years of painstaking research and deep philosophical meanderings with meticulous labooratory and field experimentation. It was obvious from research that Type A Rainbows were martyring themselves before the alter of karma yoga. They were working too hard and not getting help and worst of all not teaching younger Rainbows how Cooperation's

Crusty to the rescue!

Crusty the cosmic clown represents the old unmade. His corruption is in the misguided use of old forms.
His clobbering is the screeching of the ancients as the young apply only traditions that are useful.
Demand morphun!
Crusty  trashes UNFUNctional methods, redefines work as UNFUN advocating the elimination of  both dastardly
Stamp out UNFUN!
If you're looking for MORPHUN join
Cooperations and UNMORPH
Crusty sezz: the spirit of morphun supercedes the old traditions. It takes only what works from Rainbow tradition and is not distracted by old UNFUNctional patterns. By defining WORK = UNFUN we can add LOVE to the
equation and create MORPHUN. 


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