We, the office crew for the upcoming ’97 Rainbow gathering, speak for nobody but ourselves. We do not speak for, nor represent, the Rainbow Family in any way. No one individual, or group of individuals, can speak for the Family as a whole. The Rainbow Family Tribal Council, our collective Family voice, meets on the land July 1-7, and can speak only for itself.

Our purpose as the Rainbow ’97 office crew is to plant and nurture as many seeds as possible for the upcoming Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes.

We make no promises... to include in this website everything that is posted to us. We will use our own best judgement as to what seems appropriate.

We make no promises... to respond to every piece of mail sent to us. Our focus is on the upcoming ‘97 Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes. It is not our intent to answer mail about the Rainbow Family in general.

The office crew at present includes a circle of your sisters and brothers who love our family very much and are committed to helping make this a really good gathering.

The Rainbow Gathering is a free and non-commercial event.

This website is temporary and will self-destruct after the ’97 Gathering…

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