Spring Council

Spring council will begin on Friday, June 6, 1997.

The site for Spring Council is close to the town of Mitchell, Oregon, which is on
Highway 26, between the towns of Prineville and John Day.
Mitchell is North of the Ochoco Forest.


5 Mi. WEST of Mitchell, turn North on a road that says "John Day Fossil Beds & Painted
Hills Monument" (DO NOT go on the Fossil Beds road which is EAST of Mitchell).

Go North on that road for 1 mile. Off to the left of the road is a little BLM Campground.
You will see a hand-painted sign that says "Free Camping".

Bring drinking water; there is no drinking water at the site.

We will be the first to make an impression on the area.
If Respect Comes First, All Else Will Follow...

Remember this is only Spring Council--- the site for the Annual Gathering will
be determined there and announced as soon as a decision is made. Directions to the
Gathering site will be available on the Rainbow '97 Voice Mail [(541) 744-5758],
will be posted on the Rainbow Internet newsgroup and the Rainbow '97 website:

And, of course, a map will be in the Howdy Folks which will be mailed out around June 9th.


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