Please protect our land.

-Harm no living thing; use only down dead wood, cut no living trees.

-Drop no litter of any kind. Separate trash for recycling and deposit at collection sites. Put any vegetable matter in compost pits. Protect our water!

-Do not pee or poop in or near water areas.

-Do not camp above springs.

-Use your own cup, bowl, and spoon, wash them thoroughly, including a bleach dip.

-Use only latrine trenches. Clean up after children and pets. Cover feces and toilet paper with dirt and ashes. Wash hands (break the fly connection! Feces-fly-food-you).

-Visit CALM if you feel ill, especially if you might have a communicable disease.

-Drink only water that has been boiled briskly for 10 minutes.

-Keep your camp secure. "Tempt not, lest ye be lifted from".

-Pets should be left at home. Be responsible for your animals. Keep them out of kitchens, food, and fights.

-Keep only community fires.

-Discourage all forms of drug overindulgence.

-Participate in Shanti-Sena workshops and activities.

-Weapons are inappropriate.

-Donate to the Magic Hat. Our power combined is many times our power separate.

-Confront the Rainbow with an open heart and you will see the vision!

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