In preparation for leaving.... Pack up all your trash and bring to the appropriate recycling areas. Dismantle and disappear your encampment. Vanish ALL traces. Firerocks scattered, ashes cold out and buried, pits filled in. Latrines and compost holes covered over. String and twine get removed from tree limbs. Hardened ground gets aerated with tools for future root growth and moisture catch. All litter is picked up. Help with recycling. Where everyone helps, the effort is easy. When an area is clear and clean, then NATURALIZE! Scatter logs, branches, leaves, duff to disappear trails and camps and renew forest habitat. H2O systems and latrine tops are removed and cleaned for the next time. In parking areas help disabled vehicles and fully dismantle ramps and bridges. Steep places are water-barred to prevent erosion. The final crew reseeds appropriate seed to renew vegetation and complete process.

Transport as many riders as possible to aid our travels. Treat local folks with great kindness. They have been kind to us.

Drive safely and share this love wherever you go.

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